There are about 2 ways to earn with NaijaShare Earning Bundle Program

  1. NAIJASHARE ACTIVITY EARNINGS: which is also called NAIJASHARE POINTS is the general involvement of a NaijaShare member to make comments, read our news, active daily login, active daily site visit, share our sponsored posts, view pages. NaijaShare would share her Advertisement revenue with you as you get involved with us by making us your number 1 news channel.
  2. NAIJASHARE AFFILIATE PROGRAM: Once a NaijaShare members gets approved on the system after successful registration online by the system, you automatically become an affiliate. You would be able to notice your affiliate environment when you l. As a NaijaShare Affiliate, you earn very huge on the system. NaijaShare would pay you almost ₦600 to ₦3500 for a successful referral of anyone who joins NaijaShare Earning Bundle Program through you. You would earn an instant 60% - 80% Affiliate Commission which is ₦600 - ₦3500 sent to your NAIJASHARE POINTS BALANCE. (Your balancee would automatically update upon your successful referral). The more persons you refer, the more earnings you would be making. Let’s assume, you refer 20 persons to NaijaShare, you would be earning, let’s say ₦3,500 X 20 = ₦70,000 exclusively paid to you. (You would also get NS EARNINGS) as well.

We wish to state it that, you can also decide to be involved in NaijaShare Earnings general activities if you cannot refer anyone .